Iridex Receives CE Mark for Transilluminated Probe

Source: Iridex

Iridex has announced the availability of the G-Probe Illuminate device in Europe. The probe, now with CE mark, offers combined transillumination and laser fiber for targeted transscleral cyclophotocoagulation (CPC). The G-Probe Illuminate received FDA clearance and was launched in early 2017. It is the third member of the family of probes powered by the CYCLO G6 Glaucoma Laser System. This delivery device features built-in transillumination, which optimizes placement of the probe and therapeutic outcomes.

Studies have shown the ciliary body, the target tissue for a CPC treatment, naturally varies in location between patients, and cases of abnormal ocular size, high myopia and post-corneal transplants generate even more challenges. The G-Probe Illuminate may improve the ability of physicians to locate the ciliary body and deliver the laser treatment in a more targeted manner.

“The G-Probe Illuminate is a highly-anticipated product for me. This new design will help me deliver a targeted cyclophotocoagulation treatment with increased visualization of the ciliary body and surrounding working areas”, Marc Töteberg-Harms, MD, FEBO, said in a company news release. “G-Probe Illuminate allows me to treat my patients with precise accuracy to the desired tissue, especially in patients with abnormal anatomy.”

The G-Probe Illuminate may be utilized in the operating room or as an outpatient, office-based procedure providing a versatile option for treating glaucoma. “The prevalence of glaucoma is only increasing around the world, and IRIDEX is committed to improving and expanding the therapeutic options for both patients and surgeons,” says Iridex CEO, William M. Moore.

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