Iridex Announces Increase in Micropulse Visibility at ARVO

Source: Iridex

Iridex has announced that ARVO attendees will have access to over 20 posters presenting data on the use of MicroPulse technology. Eleven studies cover the use of MicroPulse technology for the treatment of glaucoma while the remaining studies present data on the use of MicroPulse for diverse pathologies including diabetic macular edema, central serous chorioretinopathy, and primary foveal telangiestasis among others.

“There are an exceptional number of physicians that are having success with MicroPulse laser therapy across a variety of applications. It is exciting to see them sharing their data with their peers on how they are improving outcomes for their patients,” Tim Buckley, Vice President of Marketing, said in a company news release.

Eleven posters share data on a combined 586 glaucoma patients, evaluating various treatment protocols across all stages of glaucoma. Nathan Radcliffe, MD, stated, “Many of my peers and I are all sharing different data on our uses of MicroPulse to treat glaucoma here at ARVO. It is incredibly exciting to see so much clinical evidence supporting the positive outcomes I have seen with my own patients, especially in a therapy with such a high safety profile.”

All posters will be available in the exhibit hall throughout the conference, as well as online via www.arvo.org.

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