InvisibleShield Partners with Healthe to Infuse Eyesafe Technology Into Screen Protection Line-Up

Source: InvisibleShield

InvisibleShield, a provider of screen protection, announced a strategic partnership with Healthe, which develops products devoted to filtering high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices. The partnership will allow InvisibleShield to infuse Healthe’s innovative Eyesafe technology into its screen protection solutions, safeguarding consumers not only from a shattered screen, but the effects of harmful HEV light as well.

The average American now spends more time in front of screens than sleeping, at 11 hours per day, including 3 and a half hours on a digital device, with smartphone usage accounting for 62 percent of that time.[1] These amounts of screen time may affect vision health, leading to digital eye strain, dry and irritated eyes and can impact sleep. [2] Healthe’s Eyesafe technology selectively filters out portions of the HEV blue light spectrum that are considered most harmful while still maintaining the superior color performance of your device display.

“InvisibleShield is dedicated to keeping mobile devices safe from the perils of daily use. Through our partnership with Healthe, we’re able to take that promise of protection to the next level,” Chris Ahern, CEO for ZAGG, the parent company of InvisibleShield, said in a company news release. “As mobile devices continue to play a central role in our lives, the effects of digital eye strain are becoming more evident. We’re excited to leverage Eyesafe technology to provide our customers with a solution that not only keeps their screens intact, but also filters harmful blue light from their devices.”  

Healthe and the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board are comprised of leading eye care professionals across ophthalmology and optometry focused on public health advocacy, industry research, and standards development. Healthe strives to deliver technology that reduces eye exposure to HEV blue light.

“We are delighted to partner with InvisibleShield and continue to educate consumers about the safety concerns of over exposure to blue light,” Justin Barrett, CEO of Healthe, said in the news release. “Our partnership provides consumers around the world best-in-class screen protection solutions that offer protection against blue light and provide the benefits of InvisibleShield’s industry-leading technology.”

InvisibleShield also announced the first new-to-market screen protector developed with Healthe, Glass+ VisionGuard for the iPhone X. The all-new screen protector features a protective Eyesafe technology layer that blocks harmful HEV blue light associated with device displays. Glass+ VisionGuard defends against harmful HEV blue light and promotes better eye health while providing the powerful impact protection for which InvisibleShield is known.

1Source: 2018 Nielsen Audience Report, 1Q Report, July 31, 2018
2Source: Harvard Health Publishing, Blue Light Has a Dark Side, August 13, 2018


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