International Sports Vision Association Announces Appointment of Gary Esterow as Executive Director

Source: International Sports Vision Association

The International Sports Vision Association (ISVA), an organization of optometrists, athletic trainers, therapists, physicians and sports teams dedicated to evaluating, training, and improving vision performance in athletes, announced the appointment of Gary Esterow as Executive Director.

Mr. Esterow will assume the Executive Director position on a part-time basis, while still serving as Executive Director of The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, International (NORA),  and operating Esterow Communications, a consulting agency he established in 2016.

“The mission of ISVA is based on three principles: Education, Outreach and Affiliation,” ISVA President Alex Andrich, OD, said in a company news release. “We are dedicated to fostering education about the art and science of sports vision and the prevention of vision-related sports injuries, spearheading outreach about the importance of vision in sports and the impact of enhancement of vision skills, and collaborating with other professional organizations to achieve these objectives.  Gary’s extensive experience and reputation for collaboration and forging strategic partnerships will help ISVA carry out its mission.”

Membership in the International Sports Vision Association is open to optometrists, physicians, therapists, athletic trainers, or other licensed professionals, as well athletes, families, coaches, or other interested parties. ISVA also provides complimentary membership to students in a professional degree program or residents in a post-graduate program. 

For information, visit www.sportsvision.pro.

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