InSite Vision Named in BromSite Patent Lawsuit; Company Believes Lawsuit Is Without Merit

Source: InSite Vision

InSite Vision announced that Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials has filed a patent lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware in connection with activities relating to InSite Vision’s new drug application (NDA) seeking commercial approval from the FDA for BromSite (0.075% bromfenac) for the treatment of inflammation and prevention of pain associated with cataract surgery, according to a company news release.

While implicitly acknowledging that InSite Vision has not infringed on the patents held by Johnson Matthey, the lawsuit nevertheless is seeking a declaration from the court that when InSite Vision commercializes BromSite it will infringe on the claims of one or more patents of Johnson Matthey and asks for an injunction against commercialization. InSite Vision intends to aggressively contest the allegations including seeking a dismissal of the complaint as a judicially premature lawsuit.

“The company has consulted outside patent counsel, and having reviewed the assertions relating to this lawsuit in great detail, believes the allegations are entirely without merit,” Tim Ruane, InSite Vision’s Chief Executive Officer, said in the news release.

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