InMed Files PCT Patent Application for Neuroprotection in Glaucoma

Source: InMed Pharmaceuticals

InMed Pharmaceuticals announced that it has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application pertaining to the potential of cannabinoids in the prevention of neuron damage associated with glaucoma.

The patent application, entitled “Compositions and Methods for Use of Cannabinoids for Neuroprotection” represents an important step in protecting the company’s intellectual property and commercial opportunities.

“Glaucoma remains a common and debilitating ocular disease for millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by hallmark symptoms of increased intraocular pressure with associated progressive, irreversible damage to the retinal ganglion cells (RGC) and the optic nerve,” Dr. Eric Hsu, InMed’s Senior Vice President of Preclinical Research and Development, said in a news release. “In addition to significant anecdotal evidence of specific cannabinoids decreasing intraocular pressure, our preclinical data suggest certain cannabinoids, and particularly CBN, may offer an additional neuroprotective effect for RGC.”

With INM-088, an eye drop formulation of CBN, the company is exploring the treatment for glaucoma, either as a prospective stand-alone or an adjunct therapy, and in other ocular diseases where neuroprotection may be of benefit.

The PCT is an international patent law treaty, which provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its member states. There are 151 member countries within the PCT, enabling near-global patent coverage through successful patent prosecution in the U.S., Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Russia, India, as well as many others.


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