Swiss Advanced Vision Lauches InFo Instant Focus

Source: Swiss Advanced Vision

Swiss Advanced Vision announced the launch of the InFo Instant Focus IOL. InFo is the first implant able to correct optical capacity without interfering with resolution, according to a company news release. 

InFo borrows its unique use of a single-light field of constant intensity from optical physics. Distinct images are projected onto the retina. As a result, the functions of focus, optimal resolution and distance adaptation are restored, according to the news release. InFo allows perfect vision, whatever the distance of objects and light conditions are, with no halos or ghost images, according to Switzerland-based Swiss Advanced Vision.

In contrast to other multifocal IOLs that transform an incoming light ray to two or three focal, the new implant has a unique axiconic-like shape that changes a ray of light into a focal line. It thereby provides patients with an extended depth of focus, similar to what is achieved with the natural process of accommodation.

“For patients, it's life in real time again” Max Boysset, CEO of Swiss Advanced Vision, said in the news release. “The brain loves it. Patients adapt to InFo almost instantly. Our mission is to restore their original vision after the surgery of cataract through a unique solution, without compromise on image quality or resolution."


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