Imprimis Releases Statement Regarding Allergan Lawsuit

Source: Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals responded to a press release issued by Allergan regarding a lawsuit Allergan USA filed against Imprimis. A portion of the Imprimis statement reads:

"Imprimis will aggressively defend itself against Allergan's frivolous lawsuit and will take action against Allergan to protect its good name, never yielding to Allergan's tactics to limit patient choice and drive up the cost of ophthalmic therapies to Americans. Allergan, one of the most powerful Big Pharma companies in the world, has filed this lawsuit against one of the smallest pharmaceutical companies in the world, to snuff out any competition to its high drug price strategies. Allergan, a true Goliath, is bent on ensuring that Americans continue to pay the highest possible prices for its drugs."

Imprimis CEO Mark L. Baum stated "Allergan's illegal, abusive, and anticompetitive actions aimed at maintaining its obscenely high drug prices reveal its true socially unconscious values. Despite Allergan's misuse of its massive resources against a lawful competitor, Imprimis is winning support where it counts the most: among the nation's leading ophthalmologists, and the patients that together we serve."

"Imprimis is dedicated to providing the highest quality ophthalmic pharmaceuticals to the physicians and patients who need them. We have served more than 1,700 ophthalmologists and over half a million patients in the past 3 years," according to Imprimis. "Partnering with ophthalmologists to ensure special patient needs are met, Imprimis serves the most at-risk patient populations, from disabled veterans in VA hospitals to Down's Syndrome patients who cannot physically use Allergan's products."

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