Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Patent-Pending Dropless and LessDrops Formulations Exceed One Million Patient Eyes Milestone

Source: Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced that its core patent-pending ophthalmic formulations have now served more than 1 million patient eyes. Imprimis first began offering ophthalmic solutions to physicians 3 years ago with the launch of its GoDropless campaign for cataract surgery. By eliminating or reducing the need for post-surgery eye drop regimens, Dropless injectable formulations, which have now been dispensed more than 500,000 times, have potentially saved Medicare, state governments and patients over 100 million dollars, according to a company news release.

Additionally, Imprimis’ affordably priced LessDrops combination topical drops serve patients following cataract, refractive, and other ocular procedures.  Dropless and LessDrops formulations, made in Imprimis’ 503B FDA-registered and inspected outsourcing facility, adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and are available for purchase by physicians, hospitals and surgery centers without the need for a patient-specific prescription.

Imprimis has invested millions of dollars into quality systems and processes to protect the patient, including its innovative new packaging solutions. LessDrops formulations will now be shipped in a new color-coded label and bottle system designed to ensure proper performance, delivering approximately 90 drops from each bottle. LessDrops formulations, new bottle, and labeling system are available from the company’s 503B FDA-registered outsourcing facility that participates in the FDA’s MedWatch adverse event reporting system. 

“We are honored to have gained the trust of thousands of eye care professionals and their patients since we started these programs just over 3 years ago," Mark L. Baum, CEO of Imprimis, said in the news release. "Imprimis is committed to providing high quality, innovative formulations at affordable prices, and adhering to this principle has undoubtedly helped us reach this important milestone. Our innovative solutions, which all have come from the clinical experience of our physician-customers, have eliminated or reduced post-surgery drop regimens, provided better medication adherence and recovery, in addition to saving customers money compared to the standard of care.”

Mr. Baum continued, “It is gratifying to hear the peace of mind our customers have when we describe the investments we’ve made to ensure the quality of our products.  From equipment to training to providing educational tools on what to look out for when choosing a trusted pharmaceutical partner, physicians and their support staff are excited about how well our solutions function, how affordably they are priced and the excellent customer service we offer.  By collapsing the value chain for our customers, eliminating having to deal with insurance companies, benefit managers, and pharmacies that switch their prescriptions, Imprimis is putting power back in the prescriber’s prescription pad.”


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