Imprimis Launches Surface Pharmaceuticals Subsidiary

Source: Imprimis

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced it has formed a subsidiary, Surface Pharmaceuticals, intended to advance treatments for ocular surface diseases by seeking FDA approval for three drug candidates for up to five indications. Surface's drug candidates were formulated using technology covered by two issued patents and three pending patent applications. Certain Surface drug formulations have been prescribed as compounded drugs and have demonstrated considerable anecdotal human clinical success. The markets for Surface's drug candidates include dry eye disease and blepharitis, both of which exceed 1 billion dollars in annual U.S. pharmaceutical sales.

Imprimis filed a Form 8-K with the SEC which contains a corporate presentation for Surface Pharmaceuticals. The Surface presentation is also available at www.SurfacePharma.com.

Imprimis intends to follow the template of the Eton Pharmaceuticals spin-off it completed in June of 2017, with Surface being separately managed and funded outside of Imprimis. Once funded, Imprimis expects that Kamran Hosseini, MD, PhD, an executive and scientist with a proven track record of developing and achieving FDA approval for ophthalmic drugs, will become the CEO of Surface. The Surface Board will be chaired by renowned ophthalmologist and businessman Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, and will also include ophthalmology leader, businesswoman and former CEO of Santen, Inc., Adrienne Graves, PhD, as well as Louis Drapeau, former CFO of InSite Vision and Nektar Therapeutics, and former CEO and CFO of BioMarin Pharmaceuticals.

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