I-PEN Osmolarity System Now Available in Brazil Through Partnership with DryCom

Source: I-MED Pharma

The I-PEN is the world’s first, point-of-care, electronic diagnostic testing device to detect and indirectly measure the tear film osmolarity levels associated with marginal, mild, moderate and severe dry eye disease. The I-PEN Osmolarity System, used in conjunction with the I-PEN Osmolarity Single-Use-Sensors (SUS), provides a quick and simple method for determining tear osmolarity from the tear soaked palpebral conjunctiva.

“DryCom is a promising partner for us, with a unique vision for expanding access of our cutting-edge products to both eye care professionals and dry eye patients in the Brazilian market,” Daniel Hofmann, President of I-MED Pharma, said in a company news release. “We are excited by the opportunity present in this country and will be working closely with DryCom to launch the I-PEN Osmolarity System in the upcoming months.”

Gustavo Couri, CEO of DryCom, commented, “DryCom is excited to announce the imminent launch of the I-PEN in Brazil. The I-PEN osmolarity device will now allow medical professionals in the industry to diagnose their patients with the most modern and cost-effective tool for dry eye.”

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