i-Optics Responds to Oculus Claims

Source: i-Optics

In response to a press release of Oculus dated August 31, 2015, i-Optics put out its own news releases stating that the Dutch court instructed Oculus to rectify certain misleading marketing claims

“We at i-Optics prefer to focus on our customers and bringing truly innovative solutions to surgeons and patients," Jeroen Cammeraat, CEO of i-Optics, said in the news release. "Our latest product Cassini featured in the 2014 Technology Award by Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today and the 2014 Innovation Award by The Ophthalmologist. Many of our customers, who are leading surgeons and highly respected scientists, have testified that Cassini enables them achieving optimal refractive outcomes in cataract surgery. We prefer to have the experts decide on which technology works best for them, rather than pursuing court cases”.   
i-Optics responded to Oculus legal efforts by filing claims against the German company. In their judgment, the Dutch court instructed Oculus to rectify misleading marketing claims, according to i-Optics.
“We have developed the Cassini with surgeons, for surgeons because we believe in the opportunity to achieve spectacle free cataract surgery outcomes," Mr. Cammeraat said. "Since the introduction in 2013, many leading surgeons have decided to add Cassini to their cataract platform. The ability to accurately measure total corneal astigmatism, including the posterior cornea has been widely recognized as a critical link. We trust our customers’ judgment in choosing what’s right for them and look forward to further advancing the unique technology platform that Cassini offers."

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