HumanOptics Receives CE Mark for Trifocal Lens Triva-aA

Source: HumanOptics

HumanOptics AG has received CE marking and approval in the European market for its new trifocal lens Triva-aA.

Triva-aA is the first multifocal lens from HumanOptics with three focal points. Its optimized design enables patients to enjoy good vision not only at long and near distances, but also at medium distances. It is particularly suitable for screen work or the use of tablets and smartphones, and is tailored to the requirements of a modern, digital living environment, according to a company news release. 

The novel trifocal lenses are produced with high-precision sub-nano resolution (SNR) technology in Germany. This technology can only be realized by using appropriate ultra-precision lathes and makes subsequent polishing superfluous.

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