Horus Pharma Launches Neovis Total Multi for Dry Eye in New Size

Source: Horus Pharma

Horus Pharma announced the launch of a new 15ml bottle of Neovis Total Multi for the French, Belgian, and Spanish markets. The product is prescribed as third-line therapy for the treatment of dry eyes with keratitis or dry keratoconjunctivitis, following unsuccessful treatment with low-viscosity tear substitutes and gels.
Neovis Total Multi is an artificial tear emulsion that acts on the entire tear film, including the lipid layer. Preservative and surfactant free, it increases the thickness of the tear film and has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
The new bottle is fitted with a silicone membrane nozzle, which prevents microbial contamination of the emulsion, while also keeping it sterile. It can be used for 4 months after opening, which is equivalent to the average length of treatment. Neovis Total Multi is also marketed in a 10ml bottle in France, Belgium, and Spain.
“We are pleased with the launch of Neovis Total Multi 15ml, as it broadens the therapeutic arsenal for the symptomatic treatment of dry eye in a new-sized bottle more suited to the pathology,” Martine Claret, president of Horus Pharma, said in a company news release.
Neovis Total Multi 15ml has been marketed in France since February 2019, on prescription by ophthalmologists. Horus Pharma obtained the reimbursement of this class 2b medical device by the French Social Security system. It was granted by the Economic Committee of Health Care Products (Comité Economique des Produits de Santé, CEPS) on January 25, 2019.
The new 15ml bottle of Neovis Total Multi was launched in Spain in January 2019 and in Belgium in May 2019.

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