Hi-Health Launches New Eye Care Division

Source: Hi-Health

Hi-Health announced the launch of its new eye care division.

“Our mission is to support eye care professionals and their patients with a complete line of products under the Vista brand. Even though Vista products are considered non-prescription therapies, each has been assigned an NDC number linking it to Hi-Health’s Licensed pharmacy. The result is a greater level of control by eye care practitioners of treatment recommendations, leading to enhanced patient outcomes,” the company stated in a news release.

Formulated by eye doctors and industry experts to support ocular wellness and visual function, the initial product offering includes artificial tears, and tea tree oil-based lid cleansing products. These are combined with a family of advanced macular and dry eye supplements to support ocular health throughout the lifespan. Each product is manufactured to FDA/GMP standards.

“We often hear from doctors that the products their patients purchase at retail are not consistent with the treatment recommendation that was prescribed,” Jay Chopra, Hi-Health CEO, said in the news release. “Our unique business model puts control back in the doctor’s hands, ensuring better patient outcomes and better overall patient satisfaction.”

Through Hi-Health Eye Care, doctors can seamlessly integrate Vista products into their practices and order its eye health products through their EHR system—the same way medications are currently prescribed.

  1. Locate the Vista Brand

  2. Select Hi-Health’s Pharmacy

  3. Input your orders

  4. Our team of professionals take care of rest

Hi-Health’s customer service professionals contact each patient on the practitioners’ behalf, verifying treatment recommendations and shipping orders directly to their home or office. Subscription services are available for those who need to be on a treatment for an extended period. The company holds inventory normally held in-office with no upfront investment. At the point of sale, title of the goods will simultaneously transfer from Hi-Health to the doctor and to the doctor’s patient. Hi-Health compensates the doctor for each product purchased in perpetuity.

Scott Markham, DO, Founder of the Arizona Institute of Eye Surgery remarked, “Hi-Health Eye Care provides doctors the confidence that the exact intended and recommended artificial tears or ocular supplements are getting into the hands of patients. In addition to providing better convenience, I appreciate that Hi-Health has eliminated the confusion that many of my patients experience when purchasing eye products at retail or online. The fact that Vista products are ordered through a Pharmacy means my patients will receive treatment that meets the standard of care that they are prescribed.”

To become a Hi-Health Eye Care practice or to learn more go to VistaOTC.com or call (866) 860-5269.

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