Hanita Lenses Announces Launch of Intensity IOL

Source: Hanita Lenses

After 3 years of development, Israel-based Hanita Lenses announced the launch of the Intensity IOL.

The Intensity is a presbyopia-correcting IOL that has been developed by employing a proprietary iterative algorithm—called the Dynamic Light Utilization (DLU) technology—for better light efficiency. The profile of the lens enables continuous, uninterrupted vision throughout the entire vision range. The profile is built of smooth shapes with a total of 12 steps with a central ring of 1 mm diameter. Step heights vary along the lens radius with a maximum step height 3.6 microns.

According to Hanita, unique features of the Intensity IOL include:

  • Light utilization–with 93.5% of light efficiency in 3 mm pupil
  • Allows for sharp vision in all functional distances without compromise at any distance
  • Symmetrical light distribution – the optical design has 5 foci (with orders -2,-1,0,1,+2), which are also uniquely distributed around the middle focus
  • Minimizes light disturbances – the high light intensity and symmetrical light distribution minimize light disturbances for maximal satisfaction of the patients
  • Available in power ranges of 10.0 D to 30.0 D in 0.5 D increments

The lens was clinically evaluated by Prof. Ehud Assia. Director, Center for Applied Eye Research, Department of Ophthalmology, Meir Medical Center, Kfar-Saba, Ein-Tal Eye Center, Tel Aviv,Tel- Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The Intensity is CE Mark approved and is commercially available in Europe.

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