Haag-Streit UK Announces Launch of the MR Q and MR Q Supine Laser Systems in the UK

Source: Haag-Streit UK

Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK) has announced the launch of the Meridian MR Q and MR Q supine YAG lasers in the UK.

The MR Q is a fully-integrated YAG laser, which features the latest technology for posterior capsulotomy, pupillary membranectomy, and iridotomy.

The laser boasts outstanding usability, featuring a rapid start-up time and an easy-to-use touch-screen display, according to Haag-Streit UK. The user can choose between anterior and posterior offset on one screen, ensuring an efficient workflow. The analogue rotary knobs, such as laser power and aiming beam brightness, are located on both sides of the laser head to provide a comfortable working position for left and right-handed users.

Additionally, Haag-Streit UK has introduced the MR Q supine, a fully-integrated ophthalmic laser for supine use, designed for capsulotomy and iridotomy. This is the only laser system on the market which allows the treatment of patients who are unable to sit at a slit lamp and is ideal for paediatric and elderly patients, according to Haag-Streit UK .

The MR Q supine laser features an LCD display with simple navigation between selection buttons. Control buttons change and monitor system information and an authentication pin code is in place for safety. The ergonomic 0-210° inclinable Haag-Streit Surgical binoculars allow comfortable operation.

For more information on MR Q or MR Q Supine laser, visit https://hsuk.co/MRQ.

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