Haag-Streit Group Acquires Majority Stake in VRmagic

Source: Haag-Streit

In an effort to expand medical training for ophthalmologists, Haag-Streit announced that it has acquired a majority stake in VRmagic.

VRmagic was established in 2001 and is a pioneer for virtual and augmented reality technology in medical training. The solutions developed by VRmagic permit a realistic and dynamic simulation of examinations of, and operations on the eye. In 2018 Haag-Streit Diagnostics and VRmagic developed a digital microscope head for the eye surgical simulator Eyesi and a slit lamp simulator. The virtual reality simulators thus offers prospective eye care specialists a realistic training environment.

More detailed information about the acquisition can be found in a news release from Haag-Streit’s parent company Metal Zug.

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