Glaukos Corporation Acquires IOP Sensor System from DOSE Medical

Source: Glaukos

Glaukos announced that it has acquired the IOP sensor system assets and related liabilities from DOSE Medical Corporation for $5.5 million in cash, plus performance-based consideration of up to $9.5 million upon achievement of certain development, clinical and regulatory milestones.

The DOSE Medical IOP sensor system features a microinvasive ocular implant that is designed to capture and store a glaucoma patient’s short-interval IOP measurements over extended periods of time, and transmit data to the patient’s physician in order to enhance treatment decisions. The wireless system, which is designed for ab-interno insertion, incorporates a rechargeable battery that may allow the sensor to function for multiple years.

“This emerging IOP sensor system complements Glaukos’ fundamental strategy to transform glaucoma therapy with micro-scale device and drug-delivery platforms that can ultimately address a full range of disease state severity,” Thomas Burns, Glaukos president and chief executive officer, said in a company news release. “Although still in an early development phase, the system offers future promise as a 24/7 tool for measuring the effects of glaucoma medical and surgical interventions, monitoring patient therapeutic compliance and managing disease progression. Longer-term, we also see opportunities to build upon the sensor platform with additional diagnostic and IOP management innovations.”

DOSE Medical was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of Glaukos. In 2010, it was spun-out as a standalone entity separate from Glaukos’ go-forward business. In 2015, Glaukos acquired the iDose product line and related assets from DOSE Medical. Two Glaukos directors also serve on the board of DOSE Medical. The terms of the transaction were approved by a special committee consisting only of independent members of Glaukos’ board of directors.

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