Glaucoma-Staging Systems May Underestimate Severity

Source: Reuters

Standard automated perimetry (SAP) testing is often used to classify glaucoma severity but may fail to detect macular damage, according to New York City-based researchers, as reported in Reuters.

“Because current staging systems underestimate the presence and extent of macular damage, eye care providers may be missing an important determinant of how closely glaucoma patients should be seen and tested, as well as the target treatment to preserve vision,” Dr. Carlos Gustavo De Moraes of Columbia University Medical Center told Reuters Health by email.

In a paper online November 8 in JAMA Ophthalmology, Dr. De Moraes and colleagues note that “There is growing evidence that 24-2 SAP results can miss damage within the central 10 (degrees) of the visual field that would otherwise be detected if one used a denser grid (2×2 degrees), such as that tested with 10-2 SAP.”

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