First Implantation of RayOne Aspheric Fully Preloaded IOL in US Completed by William F. Wiley, MD

Source: Rayner

The first US implantation of Rayner’s flagship RayOne Aspheric fully preloaded monofocal IOL (RAO600C) was successfully performed by William F. Wiley, MD, at the Brecksville Surgery Center in Cleveland, Ohio, following FDA approval in late 2018.

After the surgery, Dr. Wiley commented that “RayOne Aspheric is a game changer. After trying multiple preloaded systems, this is the easiest and simplest preloaded system on the market, coupled with the ability to go through the smallest incision.”

Rayner’s Director of North America, James Crutchlow, said “We are excited about this first U.S. implantation of RayOne Aspheric and very grateful for Dr Wiley’s participation. We look forward to continuing to build our presence in the United States and providing surgeons with this latest innovation in injector technology.”

The RayOne Aspheric fully preloaded injector delivers the IOL consistently with expert control, all through a micro incision with minimal wound stretch. RayOne Aspheric includes patented Lock & Roll technology for the smallest fully preloaded IOL incision. Benefits include:

  • Easy to use, 2-step system
  • Enhanced 6.0 mm aspheric optic
  • 1.65 mm nozzle diameter for sub-2.2 mm delivery

RayOne Aspheric will be available to surgeons from all Rayner commercial consultants across the United States in a large power range of +8.0 D to +34.0 D, from February 2019.

To learn more about RayOne Aspheric, visit http://usa.rayner.com/usa/iols/monofocal/rayoneaspheric/

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