Fibromyalgia Associated With Corneal Sensitivity, Ocular Pain

Source: Medscape

Patients with fibromyalgia have increased eye sensitivity and pain, researchers from Turkey report, according to a report from Medscape.

“Patients with fibromyalgia have increased corneal sensitivity,” note Dr. V. Aykut of Istanbul Medeniyet University School of Medicine and colleagues in Eye, online January 26. The reported symptoms are “similar to dry eye disease in the absence of it," they explain.

The team conducted a detailed ophthalmological examination, measured the tear film breakup time (TBUT), and performed a Schirmer I test without anesthetic (SIT) on 30 female and six male patients with fibromyalgia (mean age, 47). They also examined 33 healthy women and six healthy men as controls. Both groups included only patients with no eye disease.

The patients and controls were matched at baseline for age, sex and visual acuity, and both groups had similar SIT (16.1 mm vs. 15.3 mm, respectively) and TBUT results (17.8 vs. 18.9 seconds).

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