FDA Wins Case Against Florida Stem Cell Clinic that Harmed three Women’s Vision

Source: NBC News

The FDA has won a federal judge’s backing for its efforts to crack down on the rapidly growing stem cell industry that promises all kinds of unproven treatments for serious diseases, according to an NBC News report.

On Monday, the federal judge ruled that the FDA has the authority to regulate treatments provided by U.S. Stem Cell Clinic and U.S. Stem Inc., which claim stem cells derived from a patient’s own fat cells can treat conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to pulmonary fibrosis.

The FDA first took legal action against the Florida-based clinics in May 2018, seeking an injunction to stop them from providing their treatments. The legal action came after several attempts by the FDA to provide the clinics the opportunity to work with the agency to come into compliance with regulations and protect patients from harm.

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