Facing the COVID-19 Threat, More Optical Retailers and ECPs Make the Tough Decision to Temporarily Close Locations or Modify Services

Source: VisionMonday

As the impact and spread of the coronavirus pervades much of the U.S., several more major regional and national optical retailers and eyecare practices have made the difficult decision to close their doors temporarily or modify their hours and services to customers and patients, according to a VisionMonday report.

As the week progressed, VMAIL checked in with several companies who debated the decision, and cited the CDC ‘s recommendation to focus on emergency and urgent care needs and postpone routine eyecare visits, which were issued earlier this week.

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In addition, pointing to health care organizations, city, state and government experts’ requests to start to encourage people to “shelter in place’ and “flatten the curve” of exposure to the virus, retail leaders, practitioners and other professionals made the call.

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