Eyeris Announces Industry-First, Environmentally-Conscious Packaging

Source: Eyeris

Nashville-based start-up Eyeris recently announced its daily disposable contact lens that will be launching in January of 2020. Along with the lens, Eyeris created industry-first trial lens packaging made from their own recycled contact lens molds. Eyeris is dedicated to sustainability and helping the environment and worked for months to perfect this packaging and design, according to a company news release.

“As a contact lens manufacturer, it is a huge responsibility to provide convenience for our patients, but also to take care of this planet. Many people are aware of the plastic used in the blister pack, but many people don’t know that there is a positive and negative single-use plastic mold made for every daily lens produced. The Eyeris trial lens box that doubles as a functional travel case and is made from the re- cycled molds of all of our lenses is an industry first,” Jeff Sonsino, OD, FAAO, and co-founder of Eyeris, said in the news release.

In an effort to become a relevant, conscious, and consumer-friendly brand, Eyeris’ goal is to utilize what would typically be a throw-away trial lens mold and recycle the plastic for re-use as multi-use packaging. It is an eye-shaped case with the Eyeris logo and bright color gradient of the Eyeris brand colors. It also utilizes RFID technology in the lens parameter label.

This trial lens packaging was the brainchild of CEO and co-founder, Andy Bar- row. Mr. Barrow is proficient in every aspect of business and product development cycles from idea creation to execution, product design, overall consumer strategies, branding, and entry to market.

“It was important to me, even though Eyeris was just getting started as a company, that we actively considered the environment in every aspect of our manufacturing processes. Making trial packaging from our post-process materials that can be used over and over again as lens travel cases was the most obvious place to start in light of the amount of plastic our industry uses. It will also be a welcome benefit to environmentally conscious consumers,” said Mr. Barrow.

Optometrists who are interested in becoming part of the Eyeris network and being one of the first to prescribe the lens in January can find out more at myeyeris.com/ods.

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