EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker Delivered to 5,600+ People in 81 Countries

Source: EyeQue

EyeQue announced it has shipped more than 5,600 EyeQue miniscopes to people in 81 countries. Initial shipments have fulfilled the 3,913 orders earned during a successful Kickstarter campaign, which concluded January 4, 2017, plus the online orders placed at eyeque.com

Since announcing the EyeQue online store this January, the company has expanded availability to serve Canada and the United Kingdom in addition to the United States. To immediately satisfy global demand, EyeQue has launched an Indiegogo campaign. EyeQue is actively pursuing additional international distribution channels.

“Meeting promises and exceeding projections are two mainstays of the EyeQue culture,” said John Serri, PhD, founder of EyeQue. “We expected to begin fulfilling our initial Kickstarter orders in mid-February, but started shipping in mid-January. By March 1st we had delivered on virtually every order, including the first 800 placed directly through eyeque.com, igniting an active EyeQue community.” said Serri.

Early adopters have provided valuable feedback, some testing the device across multiple users in the household, and various smartphones and environments. Such feedback has fueled the company’s product roadmap.

“The EyeQue team is laser-focused listening to the thoughtful suggestions and keen insights of our customers. Our EyeQue community has grown into the thousands in just a few months and their input moves us closer toward realizing the dream of affordable eye tests for everyone,” Serri continued.

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