EyeQue Insight Visual Acuity Screener Now Available

Source: EyeQue

EyeQue announced that the EyeQue Insight is now available for purchase at eyeque.com. Having successfully exited a Kickstarter campaign designed to elicit consumer feedback on the new at-home vision platform, the Insight has now been added to the EyeQue online store and will begin shipping to backers and customers in March 2018.

EyeQue intelligent vision solutions empower anyone to take an active role in their vision care. The EyeQue Insight is the only binocular smartphone-based vision test to accurately assess distance vision, creating a cloud-based digital vision history.

“We developed the EyeQue Insight with families in mind, though everyone will benefit from the ability to test clarity of vision from home. Our binocular platform is designed to make self-administered vision tests – even for kids as young as 6 years old – extremely accurate and engaging,” John Serri, PhD, CTO and co-founder of EyeQue, said in a company news release. “This binocular platform will scale to support a full roadmap of additional vision tests through software updates, providing a convenient, low-cost option for knowing if your vision is suffering, whether from incremental vision changes or from inaccurate glasses or contacts.”

Combined with the award-winning EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker, the two form an at-home vision screening power pack. Insight tests for 20/20 vision in under 3 minutes – with or without wearing corrective lenses. The Personal Vision Tracker can be used when results of the Insight show less than 20/20 results to determine refractive error, the numbers used to order corrective glasses online. Both products can be shared with anyone with an active annual EyeQue subscription ($4.99 per year) making it a great value for families, organizations, and charities.

Get hands-on and request product review units while attending the International CES show:

  • January 8, 7-10 pm, Pepcom’s Digital Experience®, Mirage Hotel
  • January 9 – 12, EyeQue Booth 45740, Fitness and Technology Marketplace, Sands Convention Center

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