Eyenuk Launches EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service

Source: Eyenuk

Eyenuk announced the launch of the EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service for diabetic retinopathy (DR). By combining the accuracy of AI disease detection with the accepted practice of human grading, the EyeScreen Service is designed to improve the overall safety of the system.

The announcement was made ahead of the American Telemedicine Association’s (ATA) annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

The EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service connects primary care/diabetes care clinics with eye care specialists and is designed to increase access to diabetic retinopathy screening, reduce wait times, and improve patient compliance on receiving necessary screenings. By offering DR screening in clinic, any physician can identify silently progressing diabetic retinopathy sooner and begin intervention faster, thus improving patient outcomes and reducing the incidence of vision loss due to DR.

Increased patient compliance and more screenings can lead to improved Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Five-Star Quality Ratings. The EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service provides an actionable, easy-to-read ICD-10 compliant report allowing seamless documentation and is reimbursable under existing CPT codes.

The EyeScreen Service is a novel approach to disease detection that utilizes independent, unbiased interpretation by a human expert and a validated autonomous AI system that does not rely on humans interpreting complex assistive AI reports. After the retinal images are independently assessed by both the AI disease detection system and specialist human graders separately, an ICD-10 compliant report is sent to the physician. In the event that the AI and human graders disagree, the images are adjudicated by another highly experienced human expert.

“The EyeScreen Service is our unique take on combining expert human grading with a validated autonomous AI system, allowing users to benefit from the best of both worlds,” Kaushal Solanki, Eyenuk CEO, said in a company news release. “We are thrilled to empower physicians with the ability to screen patients in clinic, without requiring dilation, for the best chance of early DR detection.”

To learn more about the EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service, visit booth #906 at the ATA annual conference or eyenuk.com.

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