Eyecloud Moist Heat Therapy Now Directly Available to Dry Eye Patients

Source: Eye Eco

Eye Eco announced the direct-to-patient launch of eyecloud, a moist heat therapy system that provides dry eye patients sustained, relaxing relief. The eyecloud system, which uses patented, professional-grade technology to evenly warm and hydrate the eyelids and surrounding skin, has been used by eye care professionals across the United States to provide in-office therapy. Following this direct-to-patient launch, eyecloud is now available directly to consumers, allowing patients to experience the soothing benefits of moist heat therapy from the comfort of their home, according to a company news release.

Eyecloud therapy is designed to help loosen the oil in a patient’s meibomian glands, aiding in stabilization of the tear film, slowing of tear evaporation, and improvement of visual acuity. By leveraging easy-to-use, reusable heat packs, eyecloud insulates the periocular region and evenly distributes therapy, providing 20 minutes of sustained temperature, and humidity, optimal relief.1 Additionally, the system can be used to create therapeutic cold treatments to help reduce eyelid and undereye puffiness, along with inflammation and itchiness associated with allergies.

“The entire Eye Eco team is passionate about improving the lives of dry eye patients across the country, and we’re thrilled to now offer eyecloud–one of our most well-received product offerings–directly to patients in the United States,” Suzanne Paulson, Founder & CEO, Eye Eco, said in a company news release. “Eyecloud was developed to make safe, effective moist heat therapy more accessible and enjoyable for thousands of dry eye patients, and this commercial expansion represents a significant realization of that mission.”

“We’ve used eyecloud in our practice for more than a year and have been thrilled with the therapeutic relief it offers our MGD patients,” Marc Schmitt, OD, Spectacle (Portland, OR), said in the news release. “Moist heat therapy, when implemented properly, helps alleviate the significant discomfort dry eye patients experience on a day-to-day basis. Patients who receive eyecloud treatment in-office leave comfortable and satisfied, and we’re thrilled that these same patients will now have the ability to continue this effective treatment at home.”   

For more information, please visit www.eyeeco.com.


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