Equinox Ophthalmic Appoints Stuart Raetzman as Executive Chair

Source: Equinox Ophthalmic

Equinox Ophthalmic announced the appointment of Stuart Raetzman as Executive Chairman.

Company founder, John Berdahl, MD, will continue to serve on the Board of Directors and as Chief Medical Officer. Equinox Ophthalmic is a company focused on addressing the unmet need in glaucoma by providing a non-surgical, nonpharmacologic and safe option for patients who suffer from either severe or Normal Tension Glaucoma (NTG).

“We are excited to announce that Stuart Raetzman is leading the team at Equinox as Executive Chairman,” Dr. Berdahl said in a company news release. “Stuart brings the perfect combination of proven leadership and management skills, a deep understanding of the eye care, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and a global perspective. He is poised to guide Equinox on a path to success in bringing transformational products and treatments to patients, physicians and the marketplace in the safest, most predictable way to treat glaucoma.”

Raetzman brings over two decades of global leadership experience in multiple healthcare businesses including medical devices, biologics, pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter products. In this role, he will lead the organization in the development of the Mercury Multi-Pressure Dial to address the significant unmet needs in glaucoma.

Mr. Raetzman, who previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Galderma and Nestle Skin Health, brings more than 20 years of domestic and global experience in the eye care industry through leadership roles with Alcon, Allergan and Chiron Vision. He understands the global marketplace, having lived in the US and in Europe while leading global businesses.

“In health care, you get few opportunities to change the paradigm and develop disease-modifying options for patients and the physicians,” Mr. Raetzman said. “I am honored to join Equinox at this exciting time. The company has made great strides in successful Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials and I look forward to leading the strategic vision.”

“Stuart Raetzman is the right person at the right time to join Equinox,” Board Member Andy Corley said. “His unique skill set and background, which he has honed through more than two decades in the industry, is just what we need to move us forward so we can begin helping glaucoma patients in the safest way possible.”


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