EnChroma Makes New Indoor Color Blind Glasses Available to the Public

Source: EnChroma

EnChroma announced the launch of  EnChroma Cx1 Indoor DT, an improved indoor lens designed specifically for Deutan-type color blindness. The glasses are now available for purchase online at EnChroma.com.

The new glasses, available in adult and kids frame styles, and in prescription for those who need refractive correction, had previously only been available from eyecare professionals through the EnChroma Authorized Retailer network in the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

Individuals with Deutan-type color blindness (estimated to be 75% of the color blind population, also called deuteranomalous color vision deficiency) have a green-sensitive cone that is shifted toward longer wavelengths, resulting in an excessive overlap with the red cone signal. The overlapping signals in the eye causes colors, which to most appear as distinct and different, to appear much more similar and often confused. Common color confusions include green and yellow, gray and pink, and purple and blue. A typical person with Deutan-type color vision deficiency is estimated to see about 10% of the one million shades that a person with normal color vision can see.

“Our EnChroma Cx1 Indoor DT lens has been tested extensively over the past year in our worldwide network of eye care professionals,” Andrew Schmeder, co-founder and CEO of EnChroma, said in a company news release. “As we hoped, the new indoor lens performs well under a wider range of indoor lighting conditions and has optimized color balance for the needs of the Deutan’s retinal physiology. This product complements our popular outdoor lenses to bring more color into the lives of people with this extremely common type of color vision deficiency.”

The EnChroma Indoor DT is one of four lenses within the EnChroma Cx series: a collection of lens solutions engineered to address the most common types of color blindness across a diverse range of lighting conditions. Consistent with its predecessors, the new EnChroma Cx1 Indoor DT lens is also made with Trivex lens material, providing 100% UV protection and full prescription compatibility for those who need refractive correction.

“EnChroma stands far above the crowd in terms of the cutting-edge science and engineering skill that goes into all EnChroma color blind eyewear products,” said Rufus Heeren and Iris Verstappen of Unique Optiek & Optometrie, an EnChroma Authorized Retailer based in Tegelen, the Netherlands.

Color blindness affects 350 million people worldwide – 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. EnChroma’s patented lens technology is engineered with special optical filters to remove wavelengths of light where the red and green cones in the eye have excessive overlap. This enhances the separation between color channels to help those with color vision deficiency see colors more vibrantly, clearly and distinctly, helping them to overcome everyday obstacles and access more of life’s colorful experiences.

“We’re very excited that our EnChroma Indoor DT eyewear are now fully available to the public,” Mr. Schmeder said in the news release. “The EnChroma team shares a passion for making vibrant color accessible to color blind people everywhere, and this latest result from our ongoing research and development effort brings us closer to fulfilling that vision.”


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