Dutch Court Prohibits Misleading Advertisement About Oculus Pentacam

Source: Oculus

The District Court in The Hague, the Netherlands, has ordered Dutch company i-Optics to refrain from using misleading and defamatory advertisements referring to the Oculus Pentacam in the European Union, according to an Oculus news release. i-Optics has been ordered to notify its customers on its website www.i-optics.com for the period of 2 months as follows:
“Rectification: We have suggested that Cassini offers superior precision, trueness and accuracy compared to our closest competitor. By judgement of 6th August 2015 the District Court at The Hague has preliminarily ruled that we cannot substantiate the claim and has forbidden us to further make this claim.”
Oculus uses reliable and scientifically relevant studies and statements for its advertisements. The aim is to thoroughly inform customers and give them the opportunity to form their own opinion on Oculus products, according to the news release. The company will not cease to take action against any misleading or wrong use of clinical studies to its detriment. Oculus is prepared to defend itself against misleading and defamatory marketing statements outside of the European Union as well.

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