DORC Unveils Enhancements to the EVA Phacovitrectomy System

Source: DORC

DORC has announced the launch several enhancements to its EVA surgical system aimed at delivering both operating room efficiency and surgical performance.

The enhancements include a new EVA footswitch that been completely redesigned. Control of the EVA endolaser is now integrated into the main footswitch, providing seamless switching between vitrectomy to laser and eliminating the need for a secondary laser pedal, according to a company news release. With the new footswitch, any surgeon can operate independent of tech support when switching to laser. The new footswitch also has a range of ergonomic enhancements to ensure optimal surgeon comfort during longer procedures. These include: buttons that can be reached without removing the foot from the pedal, a new heel rest to provide a more comfortable resting point, and a lower angle of operation. It is also the first surgical system footswitch to feature interchangeable inlays (patent pending) allowing the surgeon to choose from 4 currently available options that can be easily switched. DORC also plans to offer customizable inlays at a future date.

“The redesigned footpedal significantly improves the comfort of working with EVA,” Prof. Claus Eckardt, MD, of Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst in Frankfurt, Germany, said in the company news release. “The ergonomics are much better, such as a better angle of operation and a new heel rest design adapted for different foot positions. In addition, the integration of laser control in the main pedal is wonderful, eliminating the need for a secondary laser pedal.”

The new EVA enhancements also include the new EVA LED light source, which has been improved to provide increased illumination. When combined with the enhanced 27g light fibres launched in 2018, the EVA LED provides a further total enhancement in light output vs the previous technology available, according to DORC.

After performing his first cases with the upgraded light source, Prof. Peter Stalmans, of UZ Leuven, Belgium, stated, “With the upgraded LED light source, illumination is no longer a limit to perform 27G surgery, plus using the new foot pedal, surgery is no longer interrupted when switching to endolaser treatment.”

“This upgrade is a significant milestone in the development of the EVA platform” Thierry Leclercq, CEO of DORC International, said in the news release. “The light output improvement delivers market leading illumination and ensures ‘no compromise’ 27g surgery, plus the redesigned footswitch maximizes surgeon control in the OR. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to make this innovation available for retro-fitting to existing EVA systems.”

CE mark for the enhancements was obtained in December 2018 and are already in clinical use at several sites in Europe. It will be commercially available beginning in March 2019 in CE markets, with US and Japan to follow. The enhancements will be implemented in all new EVA systems and the can also be retro-fitted to all existing EVA posterior and combined systems (subject to regulatory clearance per market).

The EVA upgrade will be premiered during a live surgery broadcast at the upcoming Osaka Retina Meeting on February 25, 2019 and at the FLORETINA meeting on June 9, 2019.

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