DigiSight Technologies Introduces the Paxos Telehealth Solution for Team-Based Patient Care

Source: DigiSight Technologies

Patients may wait in the emergency room for hours because their physician is waiting for a consultation from a remote specialist. Hospital systems, providers, and patients lose thousands of dollars and precious time due to these long wait times or transfers to another facility for specialty care. DigiSight Technologies has introduced mobile team-based collaboration into its Paxos platform to decrease costs and create a more efficient care experience.

Paxos is a comprehensive provider-to-provider telehealth solution designed for ophthalmic consultations within and across health systems. With Paxos, healthcare teams can collaborate in real-time, from the initial patient encounter to EHR documentation. Providers use an intuitive mobile application that streamlines existing workflows. Patient information, including images, is captured and automatically shared from the point-of-care to remote providers.

“A significant barrier for collaboration in healthcare is lack of interoperability,” Doug Foster, Chief Executive Officer of DigiSight Technologies, said in a company news release. “Paxos is designed to be an end-to-end solution that addresses this barrier and enables more efficient team-based care by combining mobile testing, communication tools, and EHR integration.”

Image capture is possible with any imaging system. DigiSight includes a cost-effective and portable mobile ophthalmic camera, Paxos Scope, with its software offering. Paxos Scope enables image capture of the front of the eye and the retina. Via the Paxos software, such imaging can provide remote specialists important information on eye conditions such as corneal abrasions, pupil abnormalities, retinal vascular issues, and diabetic eye diseases. The Paxos Scope is FDA registered and has received a CE Mark.

Ophthalmologists can use Paxos to help non-eye care providers triage patients via teleconsultation. This solution also enables ophthalmology, a medical specialty with few hospital-based providers and only 1 ophthalmologist per 17,000 people in the US, to efficiently address patient eye health needs in hospitals and health systems.

Paxos is currently being used at several leading health systems in the United States. Last month, DigiSight announced that Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the United States, is leveraging Paxos at 13 hospitals across Arizona.

“We see eye injuries in the emergency room every day, and we require ophthalmology consults from specialists that are not at our facility,” Moneesh Bhow, MD, FACEP, Medical Director of the Emergency Medicine Department at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix and Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Arizona College of Medicine, said in the news release. “With Paxos, we are able to partner virtually with ophthalmologists to quickly make informed decisions about patient care. It addresses an important need in our health system.”

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