1-800 Contacts Launches Online Glasses Lens Replacement Brand, Boomerang Lenses

Source: 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts unveiled Boomerang, an online lens replacement service that provides new lenses  for consumers to put in their current glasses without having to visit an eye doctor or optical shop.

As the current health crisis began to unfold, and eyecare providers and optical shops began forced closures, 1-800 Contacts fast-tracked their market launch of Boomerang to give everyone the option for lens replacement that never requires customers to leave their homes, according to a company news release.

An estimated 4 million frames are thrown away each year. Boomerang hopes to cut down that number by giving glasses-wearers a chance to replace the lenses in the glasses they love, instead of throwing them away. Boomerang allows any kind of lens to be be used in any kind of frame—sunglasses, transitions, blue light, with or without prescription—while saving customers an average of 50% compared to traditional optical shop prices.

An in-lab lensometer reads the optical details off of glasses lenses, allowing customers to place orders even if they don’t have a copy of their current prescription.

“Our approach to innovation has always been driven by the customer’s needs and the development of Boomerang is no exception. We saw an opportunity to provide a service, much like we do with our contact lens and glasses brands, that allowed consumers to access needed vision care without paying astronomical prices and enduring long turnaround times,” John Graham, CEO of 1-800 Contacts, said in the news release. “Given the current health crisis, we expedited our launch of Boomerang so customers could get their lenses replaced from the comfort of home.”


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