Coburn Technologies Introduces New Visual Field Analyzer and Retinal Camera to Product Line

Source: Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies has introduced two new products: the SK-850A Visual Field Analyzer and SK-650A Retinal Camera. The SK-850A Visual Field Analyzer offers the eye care professional advanced automatic perimetry, while the SK-650A Retinal Camera captures extremely high quality retinal imagery, according to Coburn.

The SK-850A Visual Field Analyzer is an automatic pure optical projection perimeter designed with full compliance with the Goldman standard. All features of the SK-850A are designed according to international standard, and provide a quantitative evaluation of the retina macula function. The SK-850A comes in two different models, Standard and Expert, with the Expert designed with enhanced features for more advanced testing, according to a company news release.

Key features of the SK-850A include:

  • Auto gaze tracking: 3-dimensional fixation monitoring with infrared light tracking of the ?pupil on the x, y and z planes
  • Ease of use: Easy to read printed report, without requiring any additional training or explanation
  • Auto-calibration: Automatic calibration and brightness measurement immediately when the machine is powered on

The SK-650A Retinal Camera is a non-mydriatic retinal camera and is DICOM compatible. Built to easily transition from eye surface to fundus examination, the SK-650A proves to be a comprehensive tool for ophthalmology, physical examination and eye screening. ?

Key features of the SK-650A include:

  • Auto mosaic function: Built with a 9-point fixation system allowing for auto mosaic ?photography over a large retinal area ?
  • Optical red-free: Red-free visual testing for obvious comparison of nerve fiber layers to help diagnose glaucoma
  • Superior picture quality: New optical design guarantees full 45° image capture to avoid losing fundus information, while producing premier quality imaging

“Many of our customers have recently voiced interest in more affordable and high quality retinal cameras and visual field analyzing equipment. We saw an opportunity, and are now excited to expand our product offering to better help our current and new customers," Wayne Labrecque, Vice President of Sales for Coburn Technologies, said in the news release.

Both products are FDA approved, and now available through Coburn Technologies.

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