Coburn Technologies Announces the New Velocity LTE Spin Coating System

Source: Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies has released the newest edition of its Velocity coating platform, the Velocity LTE Spin Coating System, a space-saving, semi-automated spin coater that provides the control and ease of use needed by small to mid-sized labs, according to a company news release.

Velocity LTE offers the same coating technology of the flagship Velocity platform at a lower price and in a smaller footprint. 

“Velocity LTE’s unique system operates in a recipe-driven environment allowing the lab to optimize the coating process for different lens parameters,” Coburn Technologies President Alex Incera said in the news release. “For example, it offers the flexibility to create custom cure profiles to eliminate warpage on higher index materials or to adjust spin speeds and times to optimize film thickness. All of this can be process-driven directly from the user interface.”

The Velocity LTE features an individual control board for each of its three spindles. Each spindle circulates automatically through three stations: wash, coat, and UV-cure. Spindle speed can be adjusted through the machine’s operator screen, offering more control of the coating process. This semi-automated system can process 80 lenses per hour with easy manual loading and unloading. This smaller footprint Velocity also features an auto-priming function and the elimination of overspray. Velocity LTE is the perfect offering for small to mid-sized labs looking for practical yet advanced coating technology.

For additional information about Coburn Technologies and the Velocity LTE UV Spin Lens Coater, visit www.coburntechnologies.com or call 1-800-COBURN-1.


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