CheckedUp Broadens Its Reach in Ophthalmology

Source: CheckedUp

CheckedUp announced the expansion of its existing partnership with Alcon to educate patients about cataract surgical treatment options through the CheckedUp platform. The CheckedUp platform engages patients at each stage in the decision-making process and is proven to increase patients’ understanding of their disease and confidence in selecting treatment options.

“We are committed to providing high quality educational experiences to patients,” Richard Awdeh, MD, CEO and Founder of CheckedUp, said in a company news release. “We believe strongly that the best experience for the patient is one driven by their physician and our fully-integrated, multi-channel platform works with the physician and staff to educate patients at home, in the waiting room and during the consultation. We are excited that Alcon has chosen to partner with us to provide useful, practice-specific information about surgical treatment options to patients preparing for cataract surgery.”

Through this partnership, CheckedUp will incorporate content about Alcon surgical products and technologies into its comprehensive cataract surgery education portfolio for delivery to patients at home (CheckedUp Reach), in the practice waiting room (CheckedUp Explorer), and in the examination room (CheckedUp Engage). In addition, CheckedUp is actively growing its installed base to ensure more patients and physicians benefit from the educational content.

The CheckedUp Platform

Reaching the patient from home to the doctor’s office and back, while enhancing office staff’s ability to improve productivity and drive revenue growth, the comprehensive CheckedUp Patient Engagement Platform includes four additional components that, together with CheckedUp Explorer, provide several hours of targeted, practice-curated content at the point of interest or at the point of care.

  • CheckedUp Engage: Interactive kiosks with in-depth education modules on all key eye-health categories, including condition information, treatment options and health assessments, that seamlessly extends the patient education from the waiting room to the exam room.
  • CheckedUp Consult: The 26-inch wallboard delivers clear and accurate interactive content in the exam room to help physicians and patients make health decisions together. Offers in-depth views of conditions and treatments that physicians can annotate in real-time and instantly email directly to patients. Patients gain clarity through an extensive library of disease and treatment information and 3-D anatomical renderings.
  • CheckedUp Reach: Enhances the patient experience by providing instant access to disease education, treatment options and tailored content from the comfort of home on the patient’s mobile device or computer.
  • CheckedUp Manage: The analytics dashboard tracks and highlights patient preferences for easy access by staff and physicians. Delivering real-time patient progress updates leading to proactive consultations and practice optimization and analyzing practice conversion rates and overall performance continually leading to higher practice productivity.

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