Celebrities, Athletes and Authors Read Bedtime Stories on World Sight Day

Source: OneSight

On World Sight Day, October 8, numerous celebrities, athletes and authors will read Bedtime Stories to children globally to launch the free digital children’s book “Through the Looking Glasses: Stories About Seeing Clearly.”

Global vision organizations OneSight, Clearly and IAPB teamed up to introduce the book to shine a light on the 230 million+ kids worldwide that need glasses, but don’t have access to get them. The book features 30 children’s stories and illustrations about seeing clearly by authors and artists from 17 countries.

Billie Jean King, Jo Frost, Michelle Yeoh, Princess Alia Al Hussein, Clark Gregg, Ethan Herisse, Selena Lee and others will read stories from the book on World Sight Day starting at bedtime in numerous countries, including: Australia; Hong Kong; India; Rwanda & South Africa; Canada; United States and Jamaica.

U.S. Bedtime Stories Details

When:  Oct. 8 at 7 pm in each of these time zones: ET, CT, MT, PT

Where: www.onesight.org/worldsightday

“Giving children the clear sight they need to thrive has a huge impact on their future – and ours,” said K-T Overbey, President and Executive Director at OneSight. “We’re proud to partner with Clearly and IAPB to launch Through the Looking Glasses and Bedtime Stories, and hope it allows us to reach millions of parents and kids to raise awareness of the importance of vision needs for kids.”

To participate in Bedtime Stories and download the free book, visit www.onesight.org/worldsightday


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