BVI Launches IPure Aspheric Monofocal IOL in the US

Source: BVI

BVI has entered the US IOL market with the launch of the IPure preloaded aspheric monofocal IOL. BVI says the IPure is the first and only preloaded aspheric monofocal IOL available in both a 1-piece and 3-piece design.

IPure’s patented aspheric optic design provides high contract, high quality vision in various light conditions while maintaining natural corneal depth-of-focus for patient’s undergoing cataract surgery. This IOL delivers predictability in lens delivery with the safety and convenience of a disposable, preloaded injector to optimize the implantation of the IPure aspheric IOL, according to BVI.

“I was quite excited when BVI said they were bringing a hydrophobic IOL to the US market. IPure fits into their portfolio of high quality single-use products and custom packs. During surgery I was impressed how the preloaded injector was seamless and predictable to use, saving myself and my team time, as well as instilling instant confidence in the system,” Elizabeth Yeu, MD,of Virginia Eye Consultants, said in a company news release. “The quality of the optic is superb as seen through the microscope upon implantation and with my initial patient post-op results.”

“I am privileged to be one of the first surgeons in the world to insert IPure. From the first lens to the 10th, all were simple and straight forward to inject, opened easily and centered well,” Eric Donnenfeld, MD, of Island Eye Surgery Center in New York, said in the news release. ‘As a long-time user of BVI, I believe IPure represents a major step forward for them. They have been able to bring to market a high quality premium aspheric lens that supports an already existing wide, trusted portfolio of ophthalmic products.”

IPure is now commercially available in the United States.


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