Blepharitis May Portend Metabolic Syndrome

Source: Medscape

Blepharitis may serve as an early sign of metabolic syndrome (MetS), according to a population-based study from Taiwan, as reported in Medscape.

"Blepharitis is associated with MetS, and the incidence of MetS is significantly elevated in patients with blepharitis. Moreover, blepharitis may serve as an early sign of MetS and severe morbidities induced by MetS," lead author Chia-Yi Lee of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Changhua, Taiwan, and colleagues write in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, online November 16.

Dr. Lee and colleagues retrospectively analyzed data, from 2009 to 2013, in Taiwan's Longitudinal Health Insurance Database on 10,093 people who had been diagnosed with blepharitis (mean age at baseline, 43; 60% women). People with legal blindness, eyeball removal, prior ocular tumor, and concurrent use of antibiotics were excluded. A total of 40,372 people without blepharitis (matched for age, gender and other disease) served as controls.

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