BioQ Pharma and Sophos Biotech Enter into Strategic Partnership for Postoperative Analgesia Therapy in Italy

Source: BioQ Pharma

BioQ Pharma and Sophos Biotech announced a strategic partnership agreement under which BioQ will supply, and Sophos will commercialize, a proprietary treatment for postoperative pain management in Italy. 

The product is a 48-hour opioid sparing post-surgical pain management therapy and is a disposable, ready-to-use, single-use infusion system, which is prefilled at the point of manufacture with 0.2% Ropivacaine (a non-narcotic local anesthetic). The ready-to-use Ropivacaine product is a self-contained drug and administration system intended to enable delivery at the point of care, activated by a single touch and contains a unit-dose of the sterile drug.

“We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Sophos, an aggressive and nimble player in the Italian market,” said Josh Kriesel, President and CEO of BioQ Pharma. “Sophos’ experienced management team will be essential to our future success in this important European market.”  

Giulio Cimini, CEO of Sophos, stated, “We are very pleased to join with BioQ to offer this important post-operative pain product to caregivers and patients in Italy.”

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