Bausch + Lomb Introduces Ocuvite Eye Vitamin Adult 50+ Formula Minigels

Source: Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb announced the launch of Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula Minigel daily eye vitamins that help replenish vital nutrients that eyes can lose as they age, according to a company news release. The new minigels, which will replace the currently offered Ocuvite Adult 50+ soft gels, now include highly concentrated fish oil, helping to make them 25 percent smaller and easier to swallow.

“We’re continually looking at ways to enhance our existing product portfolio to better meet the needs of our customers and their patients. As the flagship product within the product line, the new Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula Minigels are just one example,” Joseph Gordon, president, Consumer Health & Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb, sad in the news release. “We are pleased to offer consumers who may have difficulty swallowing larger vitamin supplements, a reduced size, easier-to-swallow minigel to help optimize their eye wellness.”

More than half of U.S adults are aware that nutrients and vitamins are helpful in maintaining eye health, yet only 18 percent have ever taken supplements specifically for eye health. People understand the importance of vitamins and nutrients to support overall health and wellness; however, many people may not be getting the vital nutrients necessary to support eye health specifically, according to Bausch + Lomb. Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula provides vital eye nutrients, including Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Omega-3.

“I often recommend Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula as a supplement for my patients who want to take a more proactive role in supporting their eye health. I’ve found that some patients are unaware of the benefits of an eye vitamin, while others claim pill size and difficulty swallowing as reasons why they won’t take them,” Jeffry Gerson, an optometrist from Grin Eye Care in Leawood, Kansas, said in the news release. “People take vitamins to maintain their overall health, but often don’t think that vitamins have a role in eye health. With the introduction of Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula Minigels, I will have the opportunity to convince my otherwise skeptical patients to begin taking an eye vitamin.”

To promote awareness about the importance of eye vitamins, Bausch + Lomb is launching a new consumer campaign featuring TV and digital ads, a revamped website and refreshed design for the Ocuvite Adult 50+ Formula packaging. The campaign will educate consumers on the importance of eye nutrition for maintaining good eye health and suggest eye vitamins as a part of their daily health regimen. 



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