OD-OS Announces New Framework for Remote Planning of Navigated Retinal Laser Treatments

Source: OD-OS

OD-OS announced the upcoming release of NaviGATE - a new framework for remote planning of retinal treatments with the Navilas 577s navigated laser system. NaviGATE allows physicians to digitally pre-plan laser treatments on their tablet devices, thereby spatially separating the planning process from the actual laser treatment and paving the way for advanced, digital collaboration and learning of retina experts via a mobile app. 

Navilas is a unique navigated retina laser using sophisticated eye-tracking to provide physicians with unprecedented control and precision during laser treatments. Introduced by OD-OS a year ago, the latest, more compact model Navilas 577s has been met with enthusiasm by leading retina specialists worldwide.

An exclusive preview of NaviGATE will first be shown on November 10 in New Orleans at the Retina Subspecialty Day of the AAO conference, Booth #20, and at the AAO exhibition, Nov 11-14, Booth #355. 

NaviGATE will be available next year as a mobile app designed to work with various local and remote connectivity packages for the Navilas 577s laser. Availability may vary depending on country specific regulatory approval.

With NaviGATE, multiple physicians may plan treatments from any remote location on a preferred diagnostic image such as FA, OCT, OCT-A - without requiring access to the Navilas 577s laser device. The treatment can be simulated in the app to review application of laser spots, and when completed, plans may be uploaded to a laser system in one batch.

“With NaviGATE, we enable physicians to complete plans from the office or -in the future- even while traveling. This “frees” valuable time on the Navilas 577s system for the actual laser therapy,” Moritz Winkler, Product Manager at OD-OS, said in a company news release. “With this tool, retina specialists can focus on creating treatment plans, which can then be executed by their fellows. The treating physician is then supported by Navilas’ navigation capabilities to ensure a high quality of treatment based on these plans. NaviGATE will also allow physicians to connect with colleagues and discuss challenging cases.”

“We have brought 10 years of experience in navigated retinal laser care and the valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers to NaviGATE,” Winfried Teiwes, founder and chief executive officer at OD-OS, said in the news release. “The framework is designed to extend our unique all-digital platform step by step towards more digital collaboration and transparency in retina care, supporting better workflows and learning. Our vision is an online community of retina experts and a pool of knowledge which aids underserved areas with lack of expertise resources, benefits scientific progress and support efforts to standardize treatment approaches.”





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