ARC Laser Receives FDA Approval for Cetus Nano-Laser System

Source: ARC Laser

ARC Laser recently received FDA approval for the use of the Cetus Nano-Laser system in cataract surgery. The Cetus system includes a base that houses the laser with a touch-screen to adjust the laser settings. The laser pulse generated by the base is transmitted to the single-use hand-piece through an optical fiber. The pulse strikes a titanium plate located near the tip resulting in photo-emulsification of the cataract material that is located directly in front of the opening. The surgeon controls the firing rate via the foot-pedal of any phacoemulification system which also provides the irrigation and aspiration. Thus, the Cetus system can be easily integrated in any operating room and is completely adaptable to the preferences of all surgeons.  

Scientific studies published in peer reviewed international medical journals have reported a faster visual recovery and reduced corneal endothelial cell damage when nano-laser was used. These results were attributed to the 10-fold decrease in energy emitted within the eye when ultrasound phacoemulsificaton is replaced with nano-laser photo-emulsification, according to a company news release.

The system has been available in Europe for more than 5 years and is currently available in 13 centers in Germany and another 10 centers worldwide. To date, more than 15,000 nano-laser cataract procedures have been successfully completed.



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