Allergan Teams Up With Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to Raise Awareness of Glaucoma’s Impact on Daily Living

Source: Allergan

Allergan announced a partnership with Von Miller, Super Bowl MVP, Denver Broncos linebacker, and advocate for healthy vision, to shine a light on the millions of people living with glaucoma. As an ambassador for the ‘My Glaucoma’ campaign, Mr. Miller will address the misunderstandings and impact of glaucoma and encourage those with the disease, and their caregivers, to take early action. This includes going regularly to the doctor and taking medications as prescribed.¬†Additional information can be found at www.MyGlaucoma.com.

“Growing up, I had challenges with my vision. I don’t have glaucoma, but I know firsthand how it feels to deal with vision issues. Because of this, I’m dedicated to helping others who suffer from visual impairments and their caregivers,” Mr. Miller said in a company news release. “Working with Allergan, I¬†learned that 27 percent of patients with glaucoma are estimated to go blind in one eye over a 10-year period, and I want to bring attention to the misunderstandings and impact of glaucoma so people and their loved ones can have more informed conversations with their doctors.”

As a child, Mr. Miller suffered from vision problems. This made school a challenge for him and he struggled to maintain a positive self-image because of it. Mr. Miller finally took control of his vision after a visit to his eye doctor and gained back his confidence that led him to go on to play professional football. Because of this, and knowing firsthand the feeling of losing your sight to any degree, Mr. Miller is passionate about helping others take control of their visual impairments and is excited about the opportunity to spotlight the misunderstandings and impact of living with glaucoma by joining Allergan’s ‘My Glaucoma’ campaign.

“Following results from a survey of patients with glaucoma, which showed that there are many misperceptions about the disease, we launched the ‘My Glaucoma’ program in 2019 to amplify and highlight the seriousness of the disease, and encourage people on the frontlines and their caregivers to have meaningful conversations with their doctors,” Ramin Valian, Vice President, Allergan Interventional Glaucoma, said in the news release. “We’re excited to join forces with Von Miller, someone who is passionate about early action against vision problems, to call attention to glaucoma and motivate patients and their caregivers to take better control over their disease.”

‘My Glaucoma’ includes an educational video featuring Mr. Miller, in which he discusses how vision loss has impacted him and why people need to take early action against their glaucoma. Additionally, Mr. Miller and Allergan created a quiz to test Americans’ glaucoma knowledge. The video, quiz and other resources for patients living with glaucoma and their caregivers are now live on www.MyGlaucoma.com.


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