Allergan Announces Availability of Restasis Multidose (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05%

Source: Allergan

Allergan announced the availability of Restasis Multidose, the first and only FDA-approved preservative-free, prescription eye drop in the United States to be available in a multidose bottle. Previously, Restasis was accessible only in single-use vials since its launch in 2003.

Restasis is also the first and only prescription medication FDA-approved to help patients with a type of chronic dry eye make more of their own tears.

Restasis Multidose is designed with a patented unidirectional valve and air filter technology. The new multidose bottle uses less plastic than a package of single-use vials and will be available for the same price.  

“We are continuously looking to improve patient care through state-of-the-art product engineering, and Restasis Multidose reflects that commitment,” David Nicholson, Chief R&D Officer at Allergan, said in the news release. “This new multidose bottle is designed to maintain the preservative-free formulation.”

Allergan offers eligible Restasis MultiDose patients a savings program called "My Tears, My Rewards," which helps patients save on each prescription. For more information on the savings program and to determine eligibility, visit www.Restasis.com/savings or call 844-4MY-TEARS.

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