Alimera Sciences Announces Launch of Direct-to-Patient Marketing Campaign for Iluvien

Source: Alimera Sciences

Alimera Sciences announced the launch of a direct-to-patient (DTP) marketing campaign intended to raise awareness and educate patients diagnosed with diabetic macular edema (DME) and their caregivers about the therapeutic and dosing benefits of Iluvien. The campaign will be supported by the website www.iluvienmoments.com.

The company will utilize digital, radio, and in-office marketing programs highlighting the benefits of Iluvien in addressing challenges faced by patients with DME. The initial DTP campaign will pilot in four U.S. cities, with potential for future expansion as determined by the company. Interested parties can access the radio spot here.

With its patented and proprietary Continuous Microdosing technology, Iluvien is a sustained-release intravitreal implant that is administered directly into the eye to control the recurrence of DME. In clinical trials, Iluvien has demonstrated the ability to reduce edema in the retina for up to 36 months with one intraocular injection, thereby enabling patients to maintain vision longer with fewer injections.

“We believe Iluvien is extremely attractive to patients suffering from DME, according to our research,” Rick Eiswirth, Alimera’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said in a company news release “However, patient awareness of Iluvien itself is relatively low. Therefore, we are launching our initial DTP campaign in select cities, to educate and empower DME patients and their caregivers to ask their doctor if Iluvien treatment is right for them.”


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