Alcon Survey Shows More Screen Time Causing Consumer Concern About Eye Health, Increasing Symptoms of Dry Eye

Source: Alcon

Alcon announced the results of a new survey, conducted by research firm Ipsos among 1,005 US adults, that uncover the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on consumers’ screen time and how that impacts their perceptions on eye health. Key findings include:

  • Nearly 80% of Americans reported their screen time increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Three out of five (60%) of those who have increased their screen time are concerned about the impact that increased screen time will have on their eyes.
  • Among those with increased screen time, nearly half (45%) reported their eyes feel dry as a result of it.

“I’ve recently seen a growing number of patients who suffer from dry eye and eye strain issues linked to extra screen time and less blinking,” Dr. Scott Schachter, OD, founder of the private practice Advanced Eyecare in Pismo Beach, California, said in a company news release. “Dry Eye Awareness Month is the perfect time to educate patients on the signs and symptoms of dry eye—including fluctuating vision, burning or irritated eyes—and remind them about caring for their eyes. Simple habits like taking breaks every 20 minutes and looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds, and using an over-the-counter eye drop for an added boost of hydration, like the Systane family, can help dry eye sufferers find relief.”

Systane Hydration Preservative-Free (PF) lubricant eye drops, the latest product in the Systane family of drops, is now available nationwide. It delivers a new option for dry eye sufferers who may be using drops with increased frequency as screen time increases for many Americans who are spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Systane Hydration with HydroBoost technology provides extra moisture and long-lasting dry eye relief for those with sensitive, dry eyes, and especially those who use drops more than four times a day. Systane Hydration is for use as a protectant against further irritation or to relieve dryness to the eye.

“Over 30 million people in the U.S. suffer from dry eye,1 and this survey shows us that increased screen time is associated with symptoms of eye dryness,” said Sergio Duplan, President, Alcon North America. “We know many people are looking for over-the-counter products to provide relief for their dry eye symptoms and Alcon is proud to add Systane Hydration as the newest option in our Systane family of eye drops.”

Systane Hydration PF is preservative-free and features proprietary HydroBoost Technology, an exclusive combination of inactive ingredients that help retain the dual active lubricants on the ocular surface.2,3 It isavailable in 30 single-use vials in select retail stores and online at systane.myalcon.com.


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