Alcon Receives CE Mark for AutonoMe Preloaded IOL Delivery System with Clareon IOL

Source: Alcon

Alcon has achieved European CE Mark for the Clareon IOL with the AutonoMe delivery system. AutonoMe is the first automated, disposable, preloaded IOL delivery system that enables precise delivery of the IOL into the capsular bag in patients undergoing cataract surgery, according to an Alcon news release. The new device is being introduced with the Clareon IOL, a new bioMaterial with an advanced design that enables sharp crisp vision, low edge glare; and optic clarity. These new innovations, along with supporting scientific data, will be presented at the XXXV congress of the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) taking place October 7 – 11 in Lisbon, Portugal.

“With the introduction of Clareon AutonoMe, we are proud to unveil our latest innovations to benefit doctors and their patients undergoing cataract surgery,” Mike Ball, Chief Executive Officer, Alcon, said in the news release. “Throughout Alcon’s history, we have worked with doctors to enhance and transform the way cataract surgery is performed. Clareon AutonoMe builds upon the comprehensive legacy of AcrySof by offering cataract surgeons easy, intuitive control of IOL delivery with the newest optic material.”

The AutonoMe delivery system, preloaded with the Clareon IOL, is designed with advancements intended to benefit both surgeons and cataract patients. Its automated CO2-powered delivery mechanism and intuitive, ergonomic design allow precise and simplified single-handed control of IOL placement during cataract surgery.

“Comfort and efficiency during the cataract surgery are key to achieving better outcomes. This new device is expected to improve the procedure and ultimately to reduce surgical time,” Prof. Rudolph Nuijts, University of Maastricht, Netherlands, said in the news release. “This is great news for surgeons because Clareon AutonoMe provides a cutting-edge, intuitive and easy-to-use device that allows precise and controlled IOL delivery.”

The Clareon hydrophobic acrylic IOL, which received CE Mark in May, is made of a patented, innovative optic polymer material. Clareon builds on and maintains the benefits of the proven AcrySof platform with a new optic BioMaterial that offers cataract patients unsurpassed clarity.

Clareon AutonoMe is expected to be commercially available to cataract surgeons in the EU early next year.

Alcon will present new data on Clareon via paper presentations and electronic posters at ESCRS, including:

  • Scientific Paper Presentation: Optical Purity Evaluation and Accelerated Aging of the New Clareon Biomaterial vs. Other Hydrophobic Acrylic Material in a Laboratory Setup, Dr. G. Auffarth (Tuesday, October 10, 3:42 – 3:48 p.m., Room 3.6, FIL congress center)
  • Scientific Paper Presentation: Evaluation of Clarity Characteristics in a New Hydrophobic Acrylic IOL in Comparison with Commercially Available Lenses, Dr. L. Werner, (Tuesday, October 10, 3:48p.m., Room 3.6, FIL congress center)
  • Electronic Poster: Model Eye and In Vitro Assessment of Positive Dysphotopsia or Glare Types Photic Phenomena: A Comparison of a New Material IOL to other Monofocal Intraocular Lenses, Dr. L. Werner
  • Electronic Poster: Laboratory Evaluation of the New Clareon Hydrophobic Acrylic IOL Material: Biomaterial Properties and Capsular Bag Behaviour, Dr. G. Auffarth
  • Electronic Poster: Miyake-Apple Posterior View analysis of Capsular Bag Behavior of the New Clareon Hydrophobic Acrylic IOL Material, Dr. H. Fang
  • Electronic Poster: Silicone Oil Adhesion of Hydrophobic Acrylic Intraocular Lenses (IOL): A Comparative Laboratory Study of the New Clareon Versus Current AcrySof IOL Material, Dr. F. Hengerer
  • Electronic Poster: Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior of a New Single-Piece Intraocular Lens as Compared to Commercially Available IOLs, Dr. S. Lane 


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